Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? Best Reasons

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent?

When I first got into the insurance business, I had no idea what kind of challenges I was getting myself into. I was told I’d be working with some of the most amazing people in my life and that it would be a phenomenal career choice.

As time went on, I began to realize that this was not at all what my experience in the industry had been like, and it started to feel more like just another one of those lies you hear about sales jobs from friends and family who are trying to convince you that it’s a great job without knowing anything about what it entails.

Reasons – Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent?

Reason 1: Money

When starting out selling insurance, it’s a good idea to work with a company that provides you with leads. If you don’t have money for leads, then your business will never take off and grow.

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? There is no getting around it, leads are important in any business because they can make or break how much profit you make at the end of each month.

Don’t quit your job before looking into how you can get leads for free or inexpensively if money is an issue. A lot of new agents make their biggest mistake right at their first step: lack of foresight and planning before quitting their job!

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent?

Reason 2: I Was Too Busy

Real estate agents are entrepreneurs who need to be able to take action quickly. One of our clients, a successful real estate agent from New York City, described it best: Real estate is one of those businesses where if you’re not working all day every day, then you’re going to fail.

When he was working for another company, he didn’t have time for leads because his bosses required him to do so many other things besides actually calling on leads and generating business.

As soon as he left that job and became his boss, he saw his income skyrocket. He was thrilled! But what started out feeling like freedom quickly became another type of problem – now his schedule felt like a burden. He had too much work to do with not enough hours in the day.

Reason 3: Little Rewards

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? When you’re trying to sell leads, commissions are usually small. In some cases, if your lead decides not to purchase a policy through you or your company, you don’t get paid for it.

This can be discouraging for agents that have high hopes of turning their first commission into a second one and then the third one after that. It can also become discouraging quickly if sales don’t start as successful as they would like to see them.

Before they know it, they may already have quit their job before realizing what quitting even means. So, again ask yourself What little rewards should I be getting?

Reason 4: Overwhelmed by Hassles

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? By far, the most common reason why people quit insurance sales is that they are too busy with all of their other responsibilities.

Starting your insurance agency takes more than just dealing with customers and writing policies. From bookkeeping to social media, there are a lot of non-selling things you have to do.

Sure, it’s easy to say no worries – let your virtual assistant do it all! But in reality, if you don’t build your business yourself first, then you won’t have enough time or money to bring on a VA…and that makes things worse!

Reason 5: Lack of Enthusiasm

Agents get into insurance because they’re interested in helping people and want to work for themselves. If you don’t like working with people or don’t think it would be fun being your boss, being an insurance agent isn’t for you.

If you change your mind later, there are jobs available in administrative positions at insurance companies. Or, perhaps a job as a claims adjuster would be better suited to your personality.

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? To be successful in either of these jobs, you will need prior sales experience.

If a career change is what you want now, try networking and talking to human resources managers at local companies to see if they have any leads on opportunities where you could use your sales skills—without having to wear four-inch stilettos!

Reason 6: Personal Issues

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? Not many people like to talk about it, but personal issues are a major reason why people quit their jobs or change careers.

Whether you’re dealing with health problems, coping with a stressful situation in your personal life, or just realizing that insurance isn’t for you, after all, sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams. Some insurance agents may choose to leave because they aren’t happy with their job.

Whatever your reason is for quitting—good riddance! Maybe you’re not meant to be an agent. But if you were, your skillset and expertise could be more useful elsewhere within your agency or another one.

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? Don’t waste years stuck doing something that doesn’t fulfil you–remember that time is precious and there’s always something new out there!

Reason 7: Wrong Industry Fit

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? Although you may feel that you’re in a good industry, if it doesn’t fit your personality or interests, it will be difficult to stick with your business.

Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent? If you don’t like talking to strangers, selling insurance is going to be a challenge for you. However, if you love cars and know everything there is to know about them, then selling car insurance might be perfect for you.

What can separate a successful insurance agent from one who quits is finding one’s niche and not just sticking with their first love—insurance—but looking for things outside of that market that they enjoy. For example, maybe someone likes fishing; find a way to make fish insurance work.

Final Verdict – Why I Quit Being an Insurance Agent?

Only 26.2% of agents quit because they don’t have enough money for leads. If you’ve found that running out of prospects is your primary reason why you’d like to quit as well, consider signing up for our next webinar: Automated Lead Generation on Steroids:

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