What to do if Insurance Company is stalling?

Steps To Take If Your Insurance Company Is Stalling

If your claims adjuster is not responding to you, call the insurance company operator/customer service phone number and the name and number of your insurance adjuster’s manager.

Write down everything that was said by all parties during the conversation, including the name and department of each person you speak with at the insurance company or their call centre.

What to do if Insurance Company is stalling? Take notes while on the phone with them as well.

Ask to speak to their supervisor if necessary and explain your situation clearly, asking when you can expect a response from their side of things.

Write letters

What to do if the Insurance Company is stalling? Step two is to write letters. Send one letter to your insurance company’s office in your state and another to their home office.

The copy of your original claim should be attached with a statement such as: Attached please find a copy of my original claims letter dated (xx/xx/XXXX) that was sent by regular mail.

What to do if the Insurance Company is stalling? I have received no response to date. Don’t send multiple copies of every letter, as it wastes both time and money.

Also, don’t send multiple letters every day; make sure you leave sufficient time for them to respond.

Talk on the phone

If you find that calling your adjuster doesn’t help move things along more quickly, ask to speak with their manager. Generally, managers are in charge of making sure that adjusters are in line with company policy.

And since they tend to be less experienced than adjusters themselves, they will often be able to give you some quick answers as well.

Keep track of how many times you’ve spoken with them and make sure you’re up-to-date on any deadlines they give you.

Document everything in writing

It’s important to document every step of your claim and keep thorough records of all communications with your insurance company.

Keep copies of every letter, email, and phone call you make to or receive from your insurance company. You can take notes during your conversations with adjusters and keep a log of dates, times, names, addresses, and any other relevant information.

What to do if the Insurance Company is stalling? If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet, use apps like Evernote as a digital record-keeping system.

They are especially useful when you need to provide proof that there was a verbal contract between you and an insurance agent regarding your claim.

Consider legal options

What to do if the Insurance Company is stalling? Once you know who your adjuster’s manager is, ask to speak with him or her. Don’t say anything else until you’re able to reach that person; just having a name might make all of the difference.

Just saying This is Jane Smith, and I’d like to speak with John Doe can put some weight behind your request in a way that using your adjuster’s name can’t.

In many cases, they’ll simply tell you what they need from you (along with contact information) without any fuss. In other cases, they might be willing to take more drastic action.

What to do if Insurance Company is stalling?


Hire a law firm

What to do if the Insurance Company is stalling? File a small claims court case. Most states allow you to sue for an amount that does not exceed $10,000.

However, each state has its limitations and rules when it comes to filing a lawsuit in small claims court.

Check with your state’s small claims courts and the attorney general website for information on how to file a claim.

Once you get everything in order and serve your insurance company, they will have 30 days to respond or face default judgment by your state’s laws.

That money will go toward your deductible and can help compensate you for any remaining costs associated with the treatment of injuries suffered as a result of their negligence.

File small claims court

What to do if Insurance Company is stalling? When you’re sure that your insurance company is stalling because it wants to save some money, then you should consider filing a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit if:

(1) you are suing over property damage or personal injury and

(2) your suit fits in with your state’s small claims court limits. In general, lawsuits involving damages less than $10,000 are considered small claims suits and handled in small claims court.

Contact the state insurance regulator

What to do if Insurance Company is stalling? Make sure your insurance company is acting by state laws.

In most states, for example, insurers must respond to every claim within a certain amount of time—usually 30 days or less.

That’s a rule that applies to claims adjusters as well as carriers—if they don’t comply with it, they can be fined.

Talk to an attorney if you have not heard back from your insurer and have tried contacting them yourself on several occasions.

They can help you file a lawsuit against your insurance company, which may force them to start processing claims immediately and pay damages for any harm caused by its delays.

Conclusion – What to do if Insurance Company is stalling?

Give The Right Insurance Companies A Chance. When it comes to your insurance claim, it’s important to make sure you are working with an honest, reputable company that will handle your claim fairly and transparently.

Because insurance companies often deal with injured people who want answers right away, some of them might not be as careful as they should be in what they say and how they handle your case.

What to do if Insurance Company is stalling?

So it’s good to know that when things don’t go right—and they occasionally don’t—you have somewhere else to turn for assistance.

Make sure you talk to more than one claims adjuster before you decide which one you like best.

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