Best Online Teaching Jobs in the United States in 2022

Online Teaching Jobs in the United States

Online teaching jobs in the United States are expected to increase by 36% between now and 2022, providing many people with more job opportunities than ever before.

Online educators work from home and set their hours, which means you can work when you’re most comfortable, whether that’s during the day or at night or both.

You can even take an online teaching job that allows you to choose your hours, so you don’t have to worry about waking up at 5 AM every morning just to get your students ready for school!

Online Teaching Jobs FAQs

How much can Teachers Earn Online?

Anywhere from $10,000 a year to more than $100,000 a year. Generally speaking, the pay can start as low as $5 per hour or higher depending on your background and experience.

How much you earn will depend on your teaching methods, curriculum, experience level and some outside factors. It’s important to keep in mind that wages vary based on where you live and what grade level you are working with.

For example, teachers make about 15% less at private schools compared to public schools.

Where can Teachers find these Job Opportunities?

The majority of positions will be listed on popular job boards. Teachers will search for jobs based on location and then apply for those that are a good fit. They’ll also take advantage of their university’s career centre to find teaching jobs, as well as use social media and network with other professionals.

If you’re considering an online teaching job in 2022, it’s critical to have an online presence—and not just a LinkedIn profile. Employers want to see your face and your personality, so keep that in mind when you decide how much to share about yourself on social media.

What Skills are Needed to Become an Online Teacher?

An online teacher’s job is to teach one-on-one lessons via video chat, webcam or a phone call. Their curriculum can be customized to fit their student’s needs, and they can meet with students at any time of day. Many teachers will offer group classes, but it is also possible for a teacher to create a private lesson for an individual student.

Since most online teaching jobs do not require experience or education, anyone who is interested in teaching English as a second language (ESL) can apply for these positions.

To become an online ESL teacher, applicants need to be friendly and have strong communication skills. They should also understand how technology works since all classes are conducted electronically.

What are some Common Misconceptions about Teaching Abroad?

There are several common misconceptions about teaching abroad. First, many think that all online teachers work for foreign language learning websites and teach young children how to learn English.

While there are some positions available for such positions, you will find that most online teachers offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adults seeking to brush up on their speaking and writing skills. Teachers can teach anywhere from one hour per week up to full-time depending on their own goals and desires.

Who can Apply to Teach English Abroad?

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can teach English abroad. As long as you don’t have any criminal convictions, it won’t matter what field of study your degree is in or even if you graduated from college at all. English teachers are needed around the world.

So, if you are interested in teaching abroad, there should be plenty of opportunities available to you! It also doesn’t matter what subjects you teach or how many years of experience as an educator or teacher trainer you have under your belt; all that matters is your ability to speak fluent English.

Online Teaching Jobs – Some online teaching platforms require a TEFL certificate, but most schools don’t require one.

What kinds of Schools should you Apply to Teach at?

There are various types of schools to apply to. Each type of school will provide different requirements that you should pay attention to when applying for a job.

Online Teaching Jobs – To keep your teaching jobs, it is highly recommended that you apply for only those schools which allow you to teach at multiple locations.

There are also different kinds of certification required depending on what state or country your school is located in. You can decide which state or country to teach in based on your availability and how much money you want to make from teaching part-time.

Remember, as an online teacher, flexibility is everything. If there isn’t a requirement related to education level then you shouldn’t worry about it either!

What can a USA Citizen Expect as an ESL Teacher Abroad?

The ESL job market is huge! Whether you’re moving to a new country on an extended vacation or for an extended period, there will almost certainly be an ESL opportunity available to you somewhere.

In some cases, these opportunities may require a degree and teaching experience but otherwise, your chances are great. You can expect:

Travel – If you love travelling but want to avoid hotels and spend money on airfare and hotels, then being an English teacher abroad is a perfect job. Not only do you get to see another country but you also get paid for it; not bad at all!

What Steps should be Taken after Finding a Suitable Opportunity?

Finding a teaching opportunity is only one small step. As an international teacher, you need to be aware of your legal rights as well as local laws and norms. You should then take steps to ensure that you’re provided with all necessary documentation before applying for a visa.

Different countries have different rules, but one thing remains constant: teach English abroad properly and your chances of being denied a visa are very low. Make sure to double-check both your own country’s rules on working abroad and those of your prospective employer country.

Asking around is always key! If you ask enough people in your home country and potential host country, you will likely find someone who has experience with or can point you towards people who have experience with finding work as an ESL teacher overseas.

The Top 4 Online Teaching Platforms for Job Seekers

Online teaching has been on the rise for the past few years and it doesn’t look like that trend will be slowing down anytime soon.

Today, there are hundreds of sites dedicated to connecting teachers with students who need their help and plenty of resources are available to teach you how to get started as an online teacher.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs or if any at all are worth your time and effort.

Online Teaching Jobs

Online Teaching Jobs

Chegg Tutors

With a large base of teachers, Chegg Tutors gives students access to a diverse range of tutors and services. However, while they offer an impressive amount of features, they lack any real opportunities for instructors or students to develop relationships outside of transactions.

Chegg Tutors

is one of many good online teaching platforms but falls short in fostering long-term relationships. If you’re looking to simply make some extra cash by teaching individual courses on a flexible schedule, then Chegg might be worth considering.

However, if you’re looking to build long-term connections with students and fellow teachers, Chegg won’t provide many opportunities beyond your initial transaction.

The online tutor industry has been on a bit of a decline over the past few years but remains to be one of the most popular job sectors available to recent graduates.

Online Teaching Jobs – Be it as an in-person or remote tutor, companies will usually ask for proof of your education as well as relevant teaching certifications.

Remote tutoring is less common but still provides job opportunities within most locations. This gig can easily be turned into full-time work if you’re interested and have sufficient skills in teaching others specific subjects that they need help with.

Most platforms are looking to hire those between 18 and 65+ although you’ll still find some exceptions depending on what you’re looking for.

Tutor Me

Students are always looking to save money wherever they can, but one of their biggest budget busters is tutoring. That’s why Tutor Me provides free and affordable tutoring services to students in need.

With a simple application process, no experience necessary, and flexible scheduling options, Tutor Me is quickly becoming one of America’s most popular online teaching platforms.

My Private Tutor

Online Teaching Jobs – The largest online teaching platform, My Private Tutor is among our top choices. It’s owned by John Wiley & Sons and provides students with access to more than 8,000 vetted tutors from more than 50 subjects and 15 languages.

As with most of these platforms, you can expect paid tutoring, though there are plenty of free resources and volunteers available. As part of its tutorial tools, My Private Tutor offers tutorials on how to prepare for your first class, providing a mix of academic lessons and life advice that help you successfully transition into your new role as a tutor.

Buddy School

Online Teaching Jobs – This Website offers Teachers and Tutors with Students, students with students, or employers with employees. It is a virtual community that connects people who can benefit from each other’s skills and abilities.

Teachers can choose what time frames they are available to meet and charge their rates. Employers have a profile where potential employees can apply to work with them.

Final Verdict – Online Teaching Jobs

Online Teaching Jobs – Despite how it is often presented, teaching English as a foreign language does not have to be difficult or unenjoyable.

By being aware of where things are headed and who you should partner with, you can cut out most of the typical headaches and maximize your income potential and experience while providing a valuable service.

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