5 Free Games that will Turn you into a Programming Pro

The finest free programming games are not only entertaining, but they can also help us overcome our aversion to coding.

Coding is the technical language that computers understand. In other words, it’s a computer language – you’ve probably heard of JavaScript and Python.As more businesses go digital, skills such as coding are appearing in STEM courses to satisfy this demand.

Learning to code from the ground up may appear impossible at first. Online classes and books can be useful, but free programming games can make learning more enjoyable.

Check out these five free coding games to learn how to code like a pro:

1. Flexbox Zombies

Flexbox Zombies is one of the most thorough programming games to play if you want to learn CSS Flexbox.

CSS Flexbox facilitates the creation of flexible responsive layout frameworks without the use of float or positioning.The game, which was released in 2017, functions as a training course with a plot in which you utilise Flexbox and a crossbow to hunt zombies.

David Geddes is the brains behind this, as well as the inventor of Mastery Games, the platform on which Flexbox Zombies is released. It has everything that makes a game addictive: fantastic aesthetics, a terrific storyline, and a soundtrack. Not to mention that it is entirely free!

You only need to create an account to begin playing. You must accomplish all of the levels in the game, but once done, you are guaranteed to be conversant with coding.

2. Code Combat

Code Combat is another free programming game on the list. The game is suitable for all ages and supports two programming languages: JavaScript and Python.

While JavaScript is used on every website, the authors recognise that it may be difficult for novices to master, therefore they provide the option to pick between the two languages.

The developers also spent time collaborating with experts to create teaching resources tailored exclusively for teachers with no prior computer science background.

Indeed, several schools have made Code Combat the primary computer science curriculum.In Code Combat, you’ll battle through hundreds of levels in the programming language of your choice to learn programming fundamentals.

3. CodinGame 

CodinGame is one of the best free programming games to get started with if you’re new to coding.More than 25 languages are supported by the browser-based game (including JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby).

Top developers built the courses, which allow you to swiftly master new languages, skills, and algorithms.

4. JS Robot

If you’ve ever played Mario, you’ll note that JS Robot has a similar gaming interface and game mechanics.All you have to do is guide a robot through the level, collecting coins, avoiding obstacles, and reaching the flag at the end. It’s a simple game concept with the added challenge of understanding JavaScript in order to play.

5. SQL Murder Mystery

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language, which is a programming language used for storing, modifying, and retrieving data from databases.

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